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Hello guys! Assalamualaikum. Long time no see. I'm back with a review post wuhuuuu. Long short story, I was not busy pun actually hahahha. Cuma ada komitmen yang kena disettlekan yang membuatkan masa nak spend untuk blog semakin hari semakin berkurang. But, now, I'm back! Rindu tak rindu tak? 

Hellooooooo...... *cricket sound* *bergema*

So, for today's blogpost, I'm going to review a product that I've been using for quite good 'ol two months. I got this product back in January. It's from a brand called Always21. Okay, never heard of this brand before actually. 
So, the story behind is actually, when I hung out with my bestfriend at Aeon, the niat was to shop some clothes but unfortunately didn't find any that suits my style (fuhh selamat duit). So jalan jalan je kat aeon tu, sampailah my bestfriend balik, lepastu on the way nak keluar ke pintu lagi satu yang ya rabbi jauh gila, lepastu memang dah sepatutnya allah dah aturkan kena keluarkan duit jugak hari tu, terjumpa satu booth tau tak booth kat aeon macam mana. Macam booth Samsung, Oppo semua yang duduk tetengah alam Aeon tu. Haaa something like that, but it's not a phone booth. Is it even called booth? I don't know lah how it's legitimately considered as a booth. 
But, it's a store yesss store finally found the word. It's a skincare store. Mostly korean brands like Laneige, Nature Republic and some 'knock-off' korean brands???? Some of the products are similar with products that are well-known in the beauty world??? Well, I'm not sure if I haven't heard any of them before sorry I'm not a beauty guru. 
So I walked through the aisle, yes, they have aisle guysss. Not a normal store by considering that it's a pretty small store. The saleswoman, eish what term do you use, promoter? consultant? i don't know but let's just call her kakak lenglui. So, the kakak lenglui helped me choosing some products. Coincidentally, I was really looking for a good mask or skincare for my skin. So, I saw a promotion of Nature Republic infamous aloe vera gel vadavoom. It comes in 4 bekas for I think it was less than 50 ringgit and you will get free hand cream. And they also got cute gift sets so that you can purchase and give it to someone. Okaylah I admit,  I didn't take any pictures because didn't plan on telling you this story actually. 
Okay move on. In the end, I chose a set which consists of a mud mask, a scrub and I got three free hand creams that come with the set. 

The hand creams are sooooo cute. They have three scent which are cotton flower (my fav!) It has that kind of baby powder and baby lotion kind of scent, jasmine flower which smells kind of weird because I have no idea what are the nature things to relate with the smell but it smells nice also and cherry blossom well technically just a typical cherry blossom flowery and sweet kind of scent. They are really handy when it comes to travelling. Easy to carry, the size is compact. Just throw it in your bag, and wallahi so easy lah maaa so no excuses for not making your hands smell good!

So I purchased Jeju Volcanic Deep Pore Cleansing Clay Mask and Lemonade Sugar Calming Wash Off Pack oh my god the names are damn long my fingers need a break. I think Jeju Volcanic Mask is kinda popular these days. Every brands are making one which I personally think that they obviously took from only one place which is Jeju. So, they are all pretty much the same? Or is there multiple volcanos in Jeju? Never been there and never have the idea on searching them on the net. Melainkan kalau the company took the volcano from the peak and the other company took from the bottom, just the scrap. Well, I don't know. I don't do face mask. And I'm not risking myself going to a volcano just to take the volcano and turns it into a mask. Even when my hands pegang cawan panas pun dah ouch ouch

So, these are the inside looks. I've used it several times so it's kinda comot already. The packaging is really nice. It's quite hard, and like kaca packaging almost. It's quite heavy. Feels like a high-end product. It's not plastic but it's not kaca. But, really nice though. I feel fabolous touching it. 

The consistency wise, the clay mask, it's really smooth and not too chalky and muddy because I've tried another brand, the clay mask is almost has the consistency of a melted chalk. Well, I don't know if you could melt a chalk. But, I feel it that way. So, this one, really smooth, it smells good (for sure, priority). It applies easily on the face, I don't really use much of the product to cover my entire face because a small amount does it job really nicely. Less is more girl.

For the lemon scrub, it feels really sugary so you know it's a good exfoliating scrub. And yes, it smells nice. It smells really natural well it isn't that natural though. I don't feel dry at all applying this bad boy on my face. Because there is some scrub that feels like it just tarik your face to the side and you will feel dry afterwards. Whilst this one, is really good. Nothing to complain. It doesn't leave any melekit residue, your skin will feel really smooth. I even apply this on my lips. Also, I recommend if you're exfoliating or scrubbing your face, to wear at least a moisturiser or apply a mask afterwards. Because after exfoliating, your skin tends to be dehydrated eventhough you don't feel the dryness. 

So overall, the products have been great! 10/10 for me! I've been using this when my skins are breaking out, or sunburnt. Other than aloe vera, I use these products to help treating my skin to the fullest. 

For your information, I purchased it at Aeon Klebang, Ipoh. I bought this set for RM58. I got this on a promotion because the normal price is RM70 just for the mask and the scrub. But, with less than RM60, I got a mask and a scrub, and also three hand creams. So, is it an Amni Great Deal? Yes, it is!

So, I hope I don't leave anything behind. If there's any other products, movies or even food that you want me to review, just leave your comment down below. I think that's all for today, bye! Wassalam.

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